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    CLUB DUAL Burggasse 70, 1070 Vienna | 22:00 – 06:00 |  Event

    Fabrikamint is back at Dual, presenting Sandra Collins.

    New arrival to Austria, Las Vegas born, Los Angeles resident Sandra Collins, considered the most successful American female electronic music artist/DJ in history, is celebrating her Vienna debut this September. Sandra Collins’ in-demand DJing has kept her constantly globetrotting for two decades by now – everywhere from Los Angeles to Mexico, from Europe to New Zealand. Sandra’s DJ references include headline gigs and residencies at legendary nightclubs Twilo in New York City and Turnmills in London, super clubs Amnesia, Pacha and Space in Ibiza, same as festival appearances at Coachella, Creamfields, Electric Daisy Carnival, Gatecrasher, Ultra Music Festival and Woodstock, to name a few, while her discography lists groundbreaking mix CDs for Cream and Perfecto; on tops Sandra has been honored with a DanceStar as “Best DJ” at the IDMA Miami. “Girl”, a documentary movie shot over a ten year period starring Sandra Collins, is set for release and enjoys currently massive global press coverage plus heavyweight support from Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong.

    – SOUNDS –
    SANDRA COLLINS (Cream, Perfecto Records / Los Angeles) Soundcloud
    Muniz (FABRIKAMINT / Vienna) Soundcloud
    Joja (V ARE / Vienna) Soundcloud

    Special thanks to Absolut VodkaMAKAvA & FM4

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    PING PONG, ver. ii

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    Cafe Leopold Museumsplatz 1, 1070 WienVienna | 22:00 – 4:00 |  Event

    Fabrikamint is jumping to Cafe Leopold on the 24 July to present a brand new installation! Come join us and dance the night away to the sweet tunes of Muniz & Dallio.

    A night not to be missed!

    – SOUNDS –
    Dallio (Wiener Endorphine)

  • PING PONG, ver. i

    A suspended ceiling scape of 800 ping pong balls the installation plays on the convergence between electronic music and creative mediums. Patterned in a sweeping gradient, it redefines and unifies the existing space into a new immersive and social experience. A carefully orchestrated network of LEDs illuminate individual and clusters of ping pong balls whilst creating a vibrant interplay of representation and simulation. The array of balls suspended from the reflective chrome surface provides a double reading as the information outputted from the LED is remapped onto the above surface.


    CLUB DUAL Burggasse 70, 1070 Vienna | 23:00 – 06:00 |Event

    Cid Inc . finland
    anjunabeats / balance / flow / lost & found / microcastle / replug / sudbeat


    muniz . fabrikamint

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    CLUB DUAL, Burggasse 70, 1070 Vienna | 21:00 – 06:00 |  Event

    FABRIKAMINT returned in 2015 after a 2 year hiatus and we were embraced with the sweet sounds of TasteoFunk, Muniz, Patrick Dallio & Jojo Todos. An exciting night of music, art and fun!

    – SOUNDS –
    Patrick Dallio (Wiener Endorphine)
    Jojo Todos (Maschinenraum) – Mixcloud

    – VISUALS –
    URBANGRAU (Neonrost)

    Special thanks to MAKAvA


    RINDERHALLE MEDIAOPERA WIEN | 21:00 (17.08) – 22:00 (18.08)

    A multimedia art exhibition and 25h warehouse gig hosted together with TANZ DURCH DEN TAG. The matter of perception of space can be expressed in many different ways. An example is the space between home and work and the journey in between. There is a space created by time, from the person we were to the one that we have become and the social spaces created by interpersonal relationships. The selected work will be exhibited in an interim space – a place of former and current industrial life. We’d love to invite you to see the industrial settings that surround our cities through the tinted lenses of upcoming artists. This collective affair is being held under the colossal cast iron trusses of the Rinderhalle of Neu Marx. In the midst of the artist’s work we will celebrate throughout the night with a soundsystem of industrial scale. We’ve got Luke Fair to play us into the hours of dawn with a 5-6 hour set. And, as the space floods with daylight, Tanz durch den Tag will do what they do best until nightfall!

    Anna-Sophie Berge | Katarina Šoškić | Milica Balubdzic | Markus Willeke | Alexander W. Jandl | Clemens Fantur | Vedran Pilipović | Bianca Larch | David Doepel | Sarah Mühlbacher | Laura Schreiner | Ká Zoltán | Gabriel Hyden | Neonrost | Tamara Friebel


    – SOUNDS –
    Luke Fair (Discoteca Music, The Rogue Show, Yoshitoshi) | Canada
    Muniz (Fabrikamint, Rarie Music) | Mexico
    Denizer (Sweet&Deep bcn, TddT) | Peru

    FarbTechnoGraphie (TddT, Sacher Techno) | Austria
    Tom Nowa (Klangkost) | Germany
    Stefan S. (Tddt, Jane Fondas) | Austria
    Toni Haupt & Daniel Archut (Telekollegen) | Germany
    WRED (We are electric disco) | Austria
    Balien aka Balage Roeth (People Rec UK) | Slovakia

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    CLUB DUAL Burggasse 70, 1070 Vienna | 22:00 – 06:00 |  Event

    FABRIKAMINT will yet again exhibit our installation, a work in progress, at SEE THE SOUND at Dual. This time we will be graced with the sweet sounds of Muniz and Per Sohn & Spelz of Bad Robots!

    We are excited to collaborate with COMERC & ZÅMM Coffee Collective to host their afterparty! COMERC will be celebrating 3 years and ZÅMM Coffee Collective will be celebrating their reopening.

    – SOUNDS –
    Per Sohn (Bad Robots)
    Spelz (Bad Robots)

    Special thanks to MAKAvA


    CLUB DUAL Burggasse 70, 1070 Vienna | 22:00 – 06:00 |  Event

    We are back once again at Dual for round 3 just before the start of summer. We will be showcasing both ver. i and ver. ii of the pingpong x led installations in Cafe Wirr/Dual. Come chill with us and dance the night away to some funky tunes from MUNIZ & _lx + adrianovicz.

    – SOUNDS –
    _lx + adrianovicz (smakelijk)

    Special thanks to MAKAvA

  • mentaguey


    Central Garden Donau Kanal – Untere Donaustraße 41, 1020 Vienna | 16:00 – 21:00 |  Event

    The summer is here and Fabrikamint has come out to play!

    We will be chilling by the Donaukanal with some sweet tunes and serving up some fresh tasty homemade Tacos. Raffael Miribung will be joining us to present a new installation.

    Don’t miss it!

    – FOOD –
    Tacos de Tinga
    Veggie Tacos
    + more

    FABRIKAMINT + Raffael Miribung

    – SOUNDS –
    Dallio (Wiener Endorphine)


Founded in 2012 our belief is that it is essential for music and art coexist at its right value by allowing the power of both to happen in the same place and same time. Our focus is inciting audience reactions impulsed by the highest musical and visual qualities. We want you to leave with that unique feeling, and just to really have fun with us. Imagine having some super special nights that would be stamped into your thoughts – we call it day dream! 

Based on Visual and Sound Technology as a point of departure we search to stimulate your senses giving a pure feeling of joy. By creating the perfect conditions for those amazing experiences to happen and sharing them with you, you’ll get that extra little bit that is often so hard to find

We hope to see you around joining our project.